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Looking for an engagement ring that is a little (or a LOT) different than the traditional diamond solitaire platinum setting? Modern brides have many options from which to choose for these meaningful and symbolic pieces, and we adore alternatives to classic engagement rings and weddings bands at Radiance Fine Jewelry! Colored stones are rapidly emerging as a tasteful choice of stone for alternative engagement and wedding rings, as are unusual band shapes, contemporary restoration of heirloom pieces, and creative custom design. Whether you bend tradition slightly or substantially, Radiance Fine Jewelry welcomes all atypical, non-traditional, and downright wacky brides.


Alternative Engagement Rings

From the most luscious of red rubies to the oceanic shades of aquamarines, colored stones are rapidly emerging as a tasteful choice of stone for alternative engagement rings.

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Alternative Wedding Bands for Her

Within the realm of alternative weddings bands, design elements such as stone shape and setting encompass major components of how a non-traditional wedding band wears and feels on a woman's hand. Our vision-driven custom design capabilities paired with our range of fashion-forward bands and stones appeals to the offbeat bride whose personal presentation shimmers with her own urbane detail and unique allure, much like her wedding ring from Radiance Fine Jewelry!

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Alternative Metals for Him

Contemporary grooms have embraced a bold selection of alternative metals such as tungsten carbide, cobalt, and titanium for wedding bands thanks to their longevity of wear and muscular styling. Rugged yet refined, sleek yet strong, these masculine metals gallantly represent a man's powerful feelings of a love forever. Grooms are always welcome to shop these stately styles at Radiance Fine Jewelry.

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