Got a jewelry box full of broken clasps, dull diamonds, and ill-fitting rings? An errand most everyone puts off indefinitely, jewelry repairs are often one of the most rewarding tasks on anyone's to-do list. Fixing that broken necklace clasp means you can show off those timelessly trendy vintage pearls, and resizing the family heirloom ring in the back of your jewelry box is sure to inspire the most heartfelt of memories. Guarantee your diamonds are at their most lustrous and mounted securely with an RJF spa package, or have the broken chain on your longtime favorite bracelet replaced.  Be sure to inquire about our exclusive custom design abilities.

On-premise jewelry manufacturing facility

Radiance Fine Jewelry offers our customers a convenient range of in-house services from ring sizing to the most intricate restoration of family heirlooms. Our expertise and artistry is to the highest of standards when it comes to repair and maintenance, celebrating the piece's original structure while adding eye-catching modern style.

Safeguard your valuables

Assure yourself the comfort of knowing your precious jewelry is covered under the appropriate level of insurance with Radiance Fine Jewelry's expert appraisals. Our insurance appraisal services will help you value and safeguard your most cherished items and the memories they represent should they become lost, stolen, or damaged.

Care and Attention

Ensure your silver sparkles, your gold gleams, and your gemstones shine with Radiance Fine Jewelry's on-premise polishing and cleaning services. Cleaning services are often complimentary, and our complete spa package includes a cleaning, polishing, checking and tightening all gemstones, and rhodium plating if necessary.

Pearl Restringing

Break out those retro-chic Mad Men/vintage Downton Abbey-esque pearls in the back of your jewelry box! We can restring any style of necklaces and bracelets, including multi-strands.


In a world of digital timekeeping, we love our watch wearers at Radiance Fine Jewelry! Our service center can remove links from the bracelets and change watch batteries on most brands of watches, often while-you-wait. Our local service partners handle more specialized watch repairs which we are happy to coordinate.